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air conditioning repairIf your air conditioning is broken, our crew of contractors is here to assist. The employees at W.L. Heating & Cooling know how to productively fix your AC unit. W.L. Heating & Cooling has been helping the local Windsor Locks, CT town since 2004. Our trained experts are prepared to fix any AC system issue that you might have. If you need somebody to fix your air conditioning unit, contact us today.

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Our professionals at W.L. Heating & Cooling have observed and worked with many different models of AC systems. You will not have to stress about our team’s capabilities when it comes to repairing your AC units. We can even guarantee to fix your damaged air units on the same day that we visit. We keep a stock of all the key components for air conditioning units, so you don’t need to wait around for parts to be supplied. Give us a call to get your air conditioner fixed swiftly.

Don’t worry about how outdated your AC unit might be, we are just a call away from a much needed replacement. Our experienced team only gives reasonable quotes for the work that they do. We also size our units to perfectly fit your home, since we understand that no one wants a big and bulky system. Our team operates within your price range, and can even help you in getting rebates from the supplier. Contact us today to repair your unit.

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At W.L. Heating & Cooling, we take great pride in placing our customers first, ensuring that their home’s cooling system will be repaired quickly and affordably! Read more.

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You should always feel relaxed in your household. In the heat of the summer season, you don’t want to be caught stuck in a house with no air conditioning. Don’t wait until it’s sweltering out to get your AC unit fixed, call W.L. Heating & Cooling today. Our team is ready to quickly fix your AC unit. Our contractors will collaborate with you to plan the best course of action for your machine. We can figure out the problem with your unit and have it fixed all in one day. Don’t wait until the last minute, call W.L. Heating & Cooling today to get your unit fixed.

Air Conditioning Repairs In Windsor Locks CT

After a long day of work, the last thing you want to do is take care of a defective AC unit. Your AC unit could have a simple problem, such as one broken part, or the entire unit could be in need of major repair work.

Here are some of the most common air conditioning issues and the corresponding repairs:

Windsor Locks Dirty Air Filter

If your cooling has a dirty filter, that can identify how well the device works overall. A blocked air filter obstructs air from going through correctly. If your filter is congested, it can be hazardous for your AC unit’s performance. The air particles in your home can also be dirited because of clogged filters, which can cause health complications for everybody in the house. Make sure to get in touch with us to replace your air filters before they become unsafe to you and your household.

Windsor Locks Dirty Outdoor Unit

Central cooling units all have both an inner and outside component to them. Also known as the condenser, the external unit is made up of a compressor, tubes, cooling fins, and a fan. If you notice that warm air is being blown into your house, it might be because you have an unclean condenser.

This can be because either the external evaporator coils or cooling fan in your outdoor unit is dirty. The coils are responsible for unleashing and removing the hot air from your house. If the coils are clogged with debris, then the hot air won’t be able to move out of your home; whereas a cooling fan that is caked with dust and debris will restrain the airflow that is necessary to cool the refrigerant and release the heat absorbed from your home.

Our specialists are just a call away from examining your outdoor unit and completely clean it. Our trained workers are prepared to get your condenser back into functioning condition.

Malfunctioning Condenser Fan Motor Windsor Locks

The condenser fan is in charge of guaranteeing that your outside unit does not get too hot. But if there is inadequate ventilation or there has not been proper routine maintenance in a while, then the condenser fan will not perform. To stop this from happening, you should schedule upkeep with W.L. Heating & Cooling. We guarantee that our experienced HVAC contractors can help in prolonging the condenser fan’s lifespan. When a replacement is inevitable, depend on our technicians to diagnose and replace your malfunctioning condenser fan motor immediately and adequately.

Refrigerant Issues Windsor Locks

AC refrigeration cycles all require refrigerant as their main cooling substance. The majority of cooling units use R-22 or R-410a to operate. There are factors such as wear and tear and Formic acid that may lead to your refrigerant leaking. The solution isn’t as simple as adding more refrigerant to your device. Your AC unit will function the very best when the refrigerant is the same as the manufacturer’s recommended one. Having a low refrigerant charge will cause the compressor motor to get too hot. Whereas, an overcharged one may cause irreversible damage to the AC compressor.

Contact our W.L. Heating & Cooling contractors today to handle any problems. Our qualified technicians are ready to restore any broken parts and ensure that you are given the proper refrigerant for your unit.

Windsor Locks Broken Compressor

A malfunctioning air conditioning system can also be the cause of a damaged compressor. The compressor is responsible for cooling the air in your home as it circulates the refrigerant within and outside the system. If your compressor is damaged, then you will not have cool air inside of your home. Common signs that something is not right with your compressor are moisture leaks and a rackety air conditioning system. Call a W.L. Heating & Cooling HVAC contractor right away to help you examine the situation.

The qualified technicians in Windsor Locks, CT are ready to assist you and mend your AC unit. All our services are fast, reliable, and within your spending plan. Be sure to get in touch with our trusted HVAC contractors today.

For quick and reliable air conditioning service, call the experts at W.L. Heating & Cooling based in Windsor Locks today. We will inform you every step of the way, ensuring that you know exactly what needs to be fixed on your house’s cooling equipment. We promise that all of our repair work is guaranteed. Call us at (860) 627-8000 now so we can dispatch an AC repairman today!