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boiler service, repair, and installationGetting a boiler to heat up your home is a fantastic choice. They are clean, cost-effective, and easily warm your residence. Boilers still can have some unforeseeable problems, the same as any other type of system. If your boiler shuts off and on suddenly or does not heat your home effectively, that can be a problem. If your boiler unit is acting up, don’t hesitate to get in touch with W.L. Heating & Cooling so they can send an accomplished technician your way!

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Nothing is more bothersome than a broken boiler in the center of winter. If you live in the Windsor Locks area, depend on the professionals at W.L. Heating & Cooling to deal with your system. We will assess the problem and immediately fix the issue in no time at all. They will explain why your boiler needs repair work and give you the best options for moving on. We train our team to be well-versed in a wide variety of boiler devices, so don’t worry about us being able to get the job completed right!

For all of your boiler needs, W.L. Heating & Cooling is the crew that has your back. No matter the hour, call our group for quick repair work. We are always just a call away from fast and easy support for your unit.

Call To Schedule Your Boiler Repair, Service or Installation:

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At W.L. Heating & Cooling, we are recognized for our dependable boiler systems that are guaranteed to heat your house. We take satisfaction in installing the most modern heating boilers and mounting them properly on the first visit. If you have a boiler that needs any kind of maintenance, phone W.L. Heating & Cooling. If your boiler is not set up the proper way, it will not keep your home cozy. We will evaluate your property and determine which boiler size is the best to keep your home heated. To keep your energy costs low, make sure to install an energy efficient boiler by calling W.L. Heating & Cooling today. Read more.

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Windsor Locks Boiler Heating Systems

Make sure that you are well-informed about hot water boiler heating systems just before you select one to purchase. You have to learn about the various boiler kinds, how they run and operate, and how boilers give heat. The variety of boiler that you purchase can determine how well your home is heated in the Windsor Locks climate.

How A Boiler Works
A boiler offers heat by converting the fuel into heat within its combustion chamber. In turn, it warms up the heat exchanger, which then heats the water. That heated water then gets pumped around your home through a heat exchanger. Some Windsor Locks homeowners prefer boilers as they offer radiant heat and warms the objects in a space. The surrounding warmth all throughout a house that uses a boiler system makes homeowners actually set their thermostat lower. This is because the home feels warmer than it actually is because of the radiating heat.

Different Types Of Boilers
Boilers are a term derived from steam boilers, which were commonly used to heat water to the point of generating steam for energy use. The types of boiler units that are located in homes today primarily run off or natural gas, propane or sometimes even electricity. These types of boilers generally work on the same principles, varying only on the power or fuel source that heats up the water. For example, oil and gas vary in how they are taken care of. Oils are typically stored in a tank that is located in your basement or backyard. Whereas, a gas boiler has a pipeline.

When you require a new heating system, definitely ensure that you have a trusted Windsor Locks HVAC company like W.L. Heating & Cooling that can help you find the best heating system for homes and businesses. They also excel in helping with boiler heating system repair and upkeep work whenever your unit needs it.

Windsor Locks Boiler Maintenance Services

Boiler heating systems need normal maintenance to function successfully at all times. Having a working boiler system in Windsor Locks, is essential in order to survive the Connecticut wintertime. After all, it is responsible for providing warmth and hot water throughout your home.
Annual tune-ups can help stop problems from arising. By not giving your system any attention, it could cost you lots of money over time. Making time to get your unit analyzed regularly helps to keep it in functioning condition for many years. Here are a few key routine maintenance tips for you to use:
Maintenance Tips
Air Vents and Flues: Dirt can collect throughout your device in many of the different vents. Having dirt prevents the air from flowing correctly. This will cause your machine to not work properly. Give our specialist crew a call to deal with any HVAC air vent or flute blockages.
Water level: Examine the boiler water level every two weeks. When you check the water level, make sure that the pilot light is on. Don’t use your boiler if you do not have sufficient water, as this can cause troubles. See to it to contact an expert company to come and fix your system if you find that it is short of water.
Leaks: Gas or oil might leak through the valves. There are many different reasons for why this could happen. Make sure to contact a professional to fix this issue immediately.
Other routine maintenance problems that we inspect are dust clearing, proper lubrication, de-scaling, and water flushing. From gas boiler maintenance to oil boiler maintenance, our experienced team of HVAC professionals is ready to help you out. If you opt to choose a boiler maintenance agreement, you can rest assured knowing that your unit will be taken care of at the very least once a year. Your system will be checked annually and make sure that is working as efficiently as it could be.

Boiler Heater vs Furnace in Windsor Locks

Picking a residence heating system, either to change your old one or for a new CT house or apartment, requires that you have at least some knowledge of the various types of units. It goes without saying, the type of heating system you have can considerably impact your home’s overall comfort and energy costs.

The most popular kinds of space heating systems include forced air furnaces and hot water boilers. Here, we are concentrating on hot water baseboard heat vs. forced-air heating systems.

How They Work

A boiler works by warming water. This water is converted into hot water or steam. The hot water heats the air through a coil, or it moves through radiant floor systems or baseboard radiators. If the boiler heats water for steam, then the steam travels all throughout your residence via pipes wherein the heat is then spread through radiators. Again, boilers can be fueled by a variety of substances from wood to electricity.

You could also get a furnace, which heats your home’s air. This heat is dispersed throughout your home via the duct system and is released into areas through vents located in walls, floors, or ceilings. Heating systems can run on propane, natural gas, oil, or electricity.

Difference Between Boilers and Furnaces

Boilers are typically more energy-efficient contrasted to other fuel-powered heating systems as they use less energy. They are easier to take care of as there are no filters. The level of heat that you will get with boilers is a lot more even that with other alternatives. Boilers are the best choice for your home if you don’t want a loud and noisy unit.

However, a furnace is less expensive to set up and use than a boiler. In many cases, furnaces are at least half the cost of a boiler unit. Furnaces are also much easier to install and come with lesser chances of having leaks.

No matter what type of system you decide on, if it’s an oil boiler or gas furnace, give W.L. Heating & Cooling a call. Rest easy knowing you are in safe hands with our professional team. We also give free price quotes for all of our heating jobs.

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