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central air conditioning systems.jpgMost homes have a central AC unit that keeps everything cool all season long. The AC unit is the foundation of every modern residence and crucial to your family’s comfort. All homes with central air systems need to be dependable in the case of extreme temperatures. In an area like Windsor Locks, Connecticut, the summer can be long and hot. The professionals at W.L. Heating & Cooling will work to make sure that your home has a dependable air conditioning unit.

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Given that we usually take air conditioning for granted, it is hard to consider how complex and intricate central air conditioning systems are. We only utilize skilled contractors at W.L. Heating & Cooling that are specialists in installation and repairing central cooling units. If you think there is a problem with your home cooling system, give us a call. With something as important as a busted AC unit, only use a reputable HVAC team to get the job done. If your unit is in need of repair work, call W.L. Heating & Cooling to come to your Windsor Locks home or apartment instantly.

New AC units should always be installed the right way the first time. The contractors at W.L. Heating & Cooling will install your cooling unit correctly the first time. The trained professionals at W.L. Heating & Cooling will ensure that the unit that is placed in your home is the right fit for the space. The process of removing an old air conditioner unit and then replacing it is usually very complex and time consuming, but W.L. Heating & Cooling promises to make the process easy and stress-free.

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If you’re in need of HVAC pros, give W.L. Heating & Cooling a ring for all your Windsor Locks jobs. Our team gives free quotes for the job and in-home visits. Call us at (860) 627-8000 now! Read more.

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Central Air Conditioner Reviews

We know that you want the best central air conditioner brand for your home or organization. The online central air conditioner ratings are an excellent source of relevant information on how a unit works. The only individuals that should be installing your central air conditioning unit is a central AC contractor. These HVAC systems are complicated to install and only competent professionals should install them. To help you find the best central AC unit for your home or office, our guide below will help you choose which product to install.


Carrier is known for creating excellent HVAC systems that are made to last years. Carrier has been in the business for over 100 years and remains to supply functional units. Carrier offers a variety of setup costs based upon the size of your home.
The Carrier Infinity Series AC Units are a few of the finest that Carrier has to offer. These units are more costly and have high SEER ratings. They are very silent and do not make much noise. The prices of the Infinity Series installations all depend upon the size of your house. The best option is to get a professional HVAC installation quote from W.L. Heating & Cooling. These kind of units have SEER ratings around 16 to 21 for the units. If you have a residence that is extremely roomy, the system may cost more to set up as the contractors need to ensure that all of your home will be cooled.


Trane is one of the greatest central air conditioner brands in the market. Trane assures that their air conditioning and heating systems will conduct well in all kinds of homes. Trane offers setup quotes that are competitive as compared to Carrier. Similar to Carrier, the prices of putting in Trane models depend upon your specific household configuration, size and needs. Some Trane units range from $3,850 to over $5,600. But don’t stress, these prices all change based on the SEER rating of your device and how big your household is. Always keep in mind that a larger upfront cost for these devices is because of their energy efficiency being able to benefit you and your home in the future.
Seer ratings for Trane are equivalent to those of Carrier. The SEER ratings can vary from a high 22 to a much lower 14.5. Trane units that have a lower SEER rating are more likely to be louder than those with higher numbers. Nonetheless, higher SEER rating does mean a higher price tag.


Lennox air conditioning machines are rated in the same range as other manufacturers and they have systems that match up in SEER ratings. Lennox has entry level units rated at 13 SEER and their top of line units (Dave Lennox Signature Series) are rated up to 26 SEER.
The quality of products that you’ll get with Lennox is strong, and many of their units feature an ENERGY STAR ® qualification. Lennox has their Ultimate Comfort System ™ which is characterized on their website as being the best heating and air-conditioner that they supply. The units offered from Lennox come in a wide range with options for everyone.

Best Central Air Conditioner Brands

Always think about a few aspects before buying a new AC system. Make certain that you know just how much the setup will cost. For every single installation there are two costs: cost of the setup work and the cost of the unit itself.

You will need to cover the installment of your unit, no matter where you are buying the actual system from. And, reputable HVAC contractors will not set up a unit that you bought wholesale. This is due to quality control issues.

Check the overall size of your new AC unit and make sure that it’ll fit in the area that you want to position it. You want your central AC system to be big enough to cool your whole house, but not so large that it loses energy. If you have an unit that is too large, it will use more power than needed and your electrical energy bill will escalate. A machine that is too small for your house will not be able to cool every one of your rooms, and as a result underperform. An expert HVAC company like W.L. Heating & Cooling will be able to properly examine your residence and decide which dimension unit will work best for the area.

Make sure to read the central air conditioning ratings before you pick which unit you intend to buy. Equipments that will have top-rated central air conditioner reviews are Lennox, Goodman, Trane, Carrier, etc. Central air conditioning ratings help you examine costs, SEER ratings, noise levels, and much more. When reviewing top brands, you will want to consider all of these elements. All units and units are made in different ways, so research which one will be the most ideal one for you. Read up on the brands and units you have an interest in before picking your choice.

Central Air Conditioner Cost

The total of your average central air replacement cost is commonly about $5,000. Your household dimension and the type of unit and brand that you buy will also factor into the price. Central air conditioner prices also vary depending upon who is installing the updated unit.

An easy and accurate tool to figure out the cost of your central air conditioner installation is working with a central air installation cost calculator. Central air installation cost calculators help customers figure out how much it will cost them to install a new central AC system. Contact a professional HVAC contractor to get a price quote about how much it will cost to install a new system. A real-time visit will be a terrific choice for getting an affordable estimate for your central air conditioner installation. If you need a central air conditioner installation do not hesitate to call W.L. Heating & Cooling for a fast and complimentary price quote.