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heat pump repairW.L. Heating & Cooling provides the best maintenance, repair, and installation services for your residence heat pump. Our service technicians will regularly service your heating system to make sure it does not break down. No matter what the problem with your machine is, our team will assist you and take care of the problem. And for each one of your heat pump installation needs, our staff has your back! So contact us today to have W.L. Heating & Cooling handle all of your heating pump needs!

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If you ever find that your heat pump needs repair work, call our pros for immediate care. Your heat pump does not need to be down long. And, our emergency service line is available any time, day or evening. Have peace of mind knowing that when you call W.L. Heating & Cooling, our staff is capable of managing all diagnostics, we have the specialized tools needed for repair, and we stock a complete inventory of replacement parts. So we are always ready to come and help out your household.

We make every effort to be the staff that you contact for all of your air conditioning and heating needs. Our group can deal with any repair work that you might need! Our customer satisfaction rates are exceptionally high, and we work hard to keep them there!

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The professionals at W.L. Heating & Cooling have been working hard in the Windsor Locks, Connecticut area since 2004. The staff at W.L. Heating & Cooling works very hard for their customers, and it is very evident in the work that we do. Give us a ring for quick and thorough service for your heat pump. Or, if you need a new heat pump put in, we will give you a quote for a new system. For any questions or concerns about your home heat pump, reach out to us, W.L. Heating & Cooling. Read more.

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Windsor Locks Heat Pump Repair Services

Heat pumps are created to handle even the harshest of weather. No matter what the time of year is, your house will be cozy because of your heat pump. Throughout the warm months, heat pumps transfer the hot air from within your home outside. Whereas, during the cold months, they transform the outside air into heat and distribute it throughout your Windsor Locks house. There can be problems with your heat pump not heating or your heat pump not cooling, so if you are confronted with any of these issues don’t be reluctant to contact W.L. Heating & Cooling.

Pay close attention to your equipment’s performance. Get your unit serviced sooner instead of later so that you avoid more serious problems. Look for these signs to suggest if your unit needs maintenance work:

  • Low airflow throughout your home
  • High energy bills
  • Hot or cold spots due to inadequate heating or cooling
  • Leaky or noisy ducts
  • The system doesn’t operate at all

When searching for heat pump repair near me, make sure that you have a relied on HVAC technician like W.L. Heating & Cooling to help you. By doing this, you can rest easy knowing that your system resides in great hands and that you will only be given top-notch heat pump service. A few of the benefits that you reap from a speedy service include prolonging your heat pump’s lifespan, ensuring that your system is efficient, avoiding costly energy bills, and preventing a problem from turning into a total system breakdown.

Damaged heat pumps can be stress filled for your household, and avoiding it from happening in the first place is constantly the better choice. Therefore, after getting your heat pump restored, make sure that your system receives proper maintenance at least once a year. A well-maintained heat pump will not malfunction. It will also catch any small issues your unit has so that it won’t intensify any further.  

Windsor Locks Residential Heat Pump Installation

One of the most popular types of heat systems are furnaces of heat pumps. Trying to choose between a heat pump vs. furnace for your family residence can be a really difficult task for any individual. If you live in a warmer state that doesn’t typically have a very cold winter, a heat pump may be the very best choice for you.

If you are wondering how much does it cost to have a heat pump installed, you need to understand the assorted factors that influence the installation cost. Here are a few of those factors:

Brand make and model

Depending upon the brand, the heat pump might be more expensive than some. But more expensive brands does not imply they are better. You need to find the best heat pump that suits your needs and budget.

House size

Your housing size influences the size of the heat pump you need to install. For instance, you might have a small apartment that simply requires a 1.5-ton heat pump. It could also be that you need a three or five-ton heat pump if you stay in a 6,000-square feet manor. The higher tonnage, the more costly it is. So the size of your house can really impact the cost of your device.

Time of the year

Deciding on the right heat pump for your house is one of the most important steps. The busy season for heat pumps means that they get more expensive. The offseason for heat pumps means that there are more purchases available.

HVAC company you choose

Picking the right HVAC contractor is important. Do your research so that you don’t get ripped off. Unsure about W.L. Heating & Cooling? Check out their online reviews and how other clients have rated them before you hire them!

Windsor Locks Heat Pump Maintenance

If you want your heat pump to execute like new, make sure to always get annual maintenance. Routine maintenance ensures that your unit works successfully. All little concerns are fixed when you make sure to have your unit looked at. Inspecting your device for issues is not a do-it-yourself type of job. Search for heat pump service near me or HVAC near me and do your research. Picking the contractors yourself is a perfect way to make sure you will be gratified with the work. If you don’t look into who you pick for the HVAC job, you risk choosing a bad contractor.

Expert heat pump regular maintenance includes the following tasks:

  • Examine the filters, blower, ducts, and indoor coil for any blockages or damage
  • Flush and clean the drain line
  • Check for refrigerant leaks and ensure that the refrigerant charge is correct
  • Start a defrost cycle and ensure proper sequence
  • Make sure the blower wheel is balanced and clean
  • Lubricate the motors and bearings
  • Inspect the electrical wiring by replacing damaged wires and tightening connections when needed
  • Test that the thermostat is working properly
  • Clean the drain pan and indoor coil

To get the very most out of your home’s heat pump, make sure it’s taken care of. Getting your heat pump serviced yearly ensures that it is always ready for the task. However, you will need to set up tune-ups two times a year if your heat pump is your primary heating and cooling system rather than a supplemental one.

The technicians at W.L. Heating & Cooling are prepared and qualified to really help you out with any HVAC job. Get in touch with us, no matter what time of year it is, for our outstanding HVAC service. Contact (860) 627-8000 for quick, friendly service!